Experienced Pet Boarding in Oxford, PA

Dog and Cat Boarding

Country Paws Inn canine guests are housed in our large 6′ x 4′ kennels. The kennel is temperature controlled with air conditioning and heat. TVs play movies in the kennel to keep our guests feeling relaxed and more at home. Soothing music plays during the night. Dogs are let out 5-6 times a day in our large outdoor yard to play and adventure, but will go out as frequently as possible weather and temperature permitting. On rainy days, our guests enjoy some indoor time with special attention from our kennel staff. With your permission, your dog can enjoy supervised socialization and playtime with other guests. When it's time for sleep, beds are turned down and there is a biscuit on their pillow.

We provide bedding for all guests, and orthopedic beds for our senior guests. You are more than welcome to bring your own blankets/bedding, toys, and treats to make your pet feel more at home. We do not need their bowls unless they are special puzzle bowls for fast eaters or your pet requires raised bowls. All bedding, bowls, and kennels are cleaned and sterilized on a daily basis.

Although we do have both dry and canned dog food available at a rate of $2.00 per day, we strongly recommend bringing your own food as many dogs may experience an upset stomach if switched quickly to a new type of food. Please put the food in an airtight container or prepackaged ziplock bags.
There is no extra charge for pets on medications. Medication must be in original container with complete instructions.

Country Paws Inn has a separate room for our feline friends. It has spacious two level “kitty condos” with multiple perches for lounging and napping. Our kitty condos also have adjoining crawl holes for multi-cat households so they can share condos. Cats are given special time outside of the condo to play and explore the cat room filled with our giant cat jungle, tons of fun toys, and a large window with shelves so that they can look out and see everything going on at the Inn while basking in the sunshine.

Rates for Boarding:
No minimum night stay required.

Dogs: $28/night, $25/night for each additional dog
TVs in Kennel
5-6 Walks a day
Playtime with other guests
Medication/extra care
Outdoor play toys
Milkbone treats throughout the day
All Included!!!
*Summertime stays include time in baby pools and bacon flavored bubble machines!*
*Holiday stays include special treats and extra playtime!*

Cats: $20/night, $18/night for each additional cat
Playtime outside of condos
Snuggle Time with Staff
Climbing Trees
Window Ledges for greeting incoming guests
Hiding Boxes
Medication/extra care
All Included!!!

Pocket Pets: $10/night *please bring own housing units, food, bedding, and other requirements*

Planning on leaving for a holiday?
Don't forget your to book your pets accommodations too! Book your pets stay a few weeks in advanced to reserve their spot as we fill up very quickly during the holidays and summer months!

A deposit may be required at our discretion.
***Prices may be subject to change without notice***

For Your Convenience You May Fill Out Paperwork Prior to Your Appointment
Forms listed on Policies Page!

Pawfect Amenities

Snuggle Time Package:
15 minutes of extra hugs, kisses, and cuddling. $2.00/session

BYOK (Bring your own Kong) Package:
We will refill your kong with peanut butter. $1.00/refill

Rawhide Entertain Me Package:
Perfect for guests with lots of energy! Package includes 1 tennis ball with 15 minutes of fetch and 1 Retriever Rawhide Roll. $3.50/package

Feed Me Like Royalty Packages:

With this package, you can pick from several different items to treat your dog while boarding with us.
Let our kennel staff whip up an extra special treat for your pet!
These tasty snacks are “extras” not to replace their normal diet plan, we do not recommend for dogs with sensitive stomachs or on specific diets.
Breakfast at the Inn– Scrambled eggs with Beggin' Strips bacon $2.50/Serving
Healthy Snack– Side of Carrots or Green Beans with dinner $1.00/serving
Peanut Butter Delight– Dollop of Peanut Butter for dessert $1.00/serving
*New* Pawlicious Treat @ Night- An ice cream cone filled with your choice of peanut butter, pumpkin, chicken, or beef. $3.00/cone
*Leave a Pawlicious Treat for your dog on their pillow at night prepared by our staff at the Inn*

Departure Services:
Bathing and Grooming
On departure day, treat your pet to spa time with Kasie!
They will go home feeling fresh and clean and looking great!
Includes full bath, brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.
*We will call you to let you know when your pet is finished so they are ready to go*
-Prices vary depending on cut and services provided-
Please see the grooming tab for more info!

Your Pets Home Away From Home

Cat Room and Cat Condos!
Cat Room - Animal Boarding in Oxford, PA

Introducing the Little Paws Room!

This room is specifically designed for little ones that need a little extra care. It is perfect for elderly dogs or those who would rather not stay in the back with the big dogs. We have comfy beds and an electric fireplace to keep it warm and toasty.
Little Paws Room - Animal Boarding in Oxford, PA
Cat Condos - Animal Boarding in Oxford, PA

Our Front Reception Desk

A warm welcoming entrance to our facility where our guests check in and out.
Front Reception Area